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r u l e s Rules for Bookbinders by Fritz Eberhardt is a unfinished poem written in German and English before Fritz's death. The stanzas were lettered so that each stanza is presented in both languages on a page, separated by a sketch by Fritz. The English is done in a free, sans serif italic while the German in done in a condensed blackletter with Roman capitals. The lettered pages were then made into line cuts at Scranton Engraving and printed on the Washington handpress onto dampened Hannemuhle Ingres paper. The page size is 5" x 7". The books are nonadhesively bound into paste paper semi-limp wrappers with a label on the front cover.

The first 25 copies were reserved for the Eberhardt family and the copy numbers are Roman numerals. The remaining 75 received Arabic numeration and were priced at $120.00 per copy. The edition is out of print.

Rules Cover Rules Page
Rules Page Rules Colophon

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